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Work in Hamilton County, Indiana

Attracting a skilled and educated workforce is the top priority for the Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation. We are consistently ranked among the best places to live, relocate and one of the best places for young professionals. Located in the middle of the country, we are considered the “Crossroads of America” and the Indiana International Airport has been named the Best Airport in North America seven years in a row.

Hamilton County combines a high quality of life with a diverse and growing economy that will continue into the future.  Growth, innovation, and a sense of community is what defines us and provides an opportunity for today and tomorrow.

Hamilton County was designated a 21st Century Talent Region in a proclamation by the Governor in late 2019.  A team of dedicated county leaders is working on implementing programs that support workforce development, attraction, retention and connection. The efforts of this group will ensure that Hamilton County will continue to provide a skilled, talented, and employed workforce for the 21st Century. 


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