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    Duck Decoys are one of the few forms of truly American folk art. Native Americans were the first to use a decoy for the purpose of luring a game bird from the sky. The oldest decoys ever found were Canvasbacks made from reeds and feathers and date back over 1400 years ago. Over the centuries decoys evolved into wooden carvings. Each decoy carver developed his own distinct style. While the decoys are not used for hunting, they are American folk art and we carve them with craftsmanship and pride, one of a kind, one at a time. No two Bundy Decoys are alike. The one you purchase will be one-of-a-kind. While there are all kinds of gift items in today's world, there are very few that are still made from real wood and even fewer that are made right from the log. Each decoy is handled 28 times and requires many hours of hand labor per piece.

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