• Overview

    iBeach31 is the first outdoor beach volleyball venue in Westfield, IN. iBeach31 has options for all ages and levels - from recreational to competitive and everything in between. If you can play it in the sand, you can find it at iBeach31. Seven PRO level outdoor sand beach courts and five PRO level indoor sand courts (coming 2024), food, drink and fun entertainment.

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  • Amenities

    General Amenities
    • Concessions:
    • Lighting:
    • Parking:
    • Scoreboard/Timing Systems:
    • Volleyball Nets:
    • Notes: 7 PRO LEVEL outdoor beach courts & 5 PRO level indoor beach courts
    • Number of Courts: 12
  • Events

    Inland Sand Beach Soccer

    Dates: 07/13 - 07/13/2024

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