Tenderloin Fun & Contest

8 Great Things to Know About Tenderloin Tuesdays

1. What IS a tenderloin?
When someone refers to a tenderloin anywhere in Indiana, they are usually talking about the breaded pork cutlet served on a bun, but go anywhere else and clarification will be needed. Here it is generally made with tenderloin - pounded thin, marinated overnight, breaded and fried. At some restaurants, like The Hamilton, you can find a grilled variety. During #TenderloinTuesday, you can try tenderloins from participating restaurants around the county at a lower price.

2. What goes on it?
Typical Indiana toppings include mayonnaise, ketchup and onions. Often tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and mustard are added.

3. This sandwich sounds huge. How do you even eat it?

Tenderlion Pie Chart

Some like to cut off the part hanging off the bun and save it for later. You can also fold the pork in half and put it back on the bun, or just go for it and conquer it with huge bites… there’s no wrong way to eat a breaded tenderloin.


4. What restaurant sells the most tenderloins?
Dooley O’Toole’s sells the most tenderloins out of the participating restaurants during #TenderloinTuesday. Make sure to visit on Tuesday, when the “mini” tenderloin sandwich and a side is only $6.95 (and the tenderloin still hangs off the bun)!

5. How do I pick the tenderloin that’s right for me?
It's the battle of breading for this Hoosier sandwich. Fried v Grilled? Blackened? Kettle Chip Crusted? The options are endless but so delicious.

6.That’s nice and all, but which one is THE BEST?
Tenderloin enthusiast Rick Garrett gave 5 out of 5 bites to Barley Island Brewing CompanySahm’s, and C.R. Hero’s Family Pub as his favorite tenderloins in Hamilton County. He’s rated tenderloins for over 30 years on his blog chronicling all of his tenderloin experiences… so he would know! But do keep in mind that he has a particular style that he prefers. If you like yours grilled, go for it.

7. Why is Indiana so famous for tenderloins?
In 1908, Nick Freienstein added a pork tenderloin sandwich to the menu at Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington, Indiana and started it all. Breaded in cracker crumbs and soaked in buttermilk, his recipe is still popular today. Restaurants all over Indiana have their own varieties of the famous sandwich. Garrett says that every pub in the state has one on the menu.

In 1998, a documentary titled “In Search of the Famous Hoosier Breaded Tenderloin” was released and featured many Hoosier restaurants.

8. How loyal can a breaded tenderloin fan be?
There are 1,800 (and counting) people that like the page Indiana Breaded Pork Tenderloins on Facebook! The enthusiasts share their recent tenderloin discoveries and ratings of their favorites. One woman from Ohio shared that she buys at least two sandwiches every time she is in Indiana, saves them in coolers, and eats them later at home. I guess you can’t beat the taste of a true Hoosier breaded tenderloin!