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Bringing New Life to Alleys in Noblesville

Jul 28, 2016 by Mia Anderson

AlleyNoblesville is a close-knit town in Hamilton County that brings people together in community. In fact, Chris Owens, Executive Director of Noblesville Main Street, says that the goal of Noblesville is to be a “hipstoric™” town that focuses on “people, places, and events” in building community. There is a rich history in Noblesville, as seen through the ornate government buildings, classic main square with shops and offices and more – and Owens’ vision is to meld historic Noblesville with hip and modern Noblesville through a series of events and activations. Projects that further Noblesville Main Street’s goal of bringing the community together include: an alley activation and beautification project, the two-decades old tradition of the Noblesville farmer’s market and the much sought after Meals from the Market dinner.

Alleys are typically thought of as dark and dank, and used for unloading goods for businesses and housing dumpsters. However, Noblesville Main Street envisions activating and beautifying alleyways to become places that can have function and a fun place to hang out. With the alley activation plan, Owens and Rachel Johnson, local landscape architect and urban designer at Loci Creative, alleys will become places of beauty and community. Envision miniature parks, creatively designed sitting spaces and more and you will have an idea of the potential for Noblesville’s alleyways. This project shows just how Noblesville longs to show it Hipstoric™ qualities to everyone and create creative spaces that the locals crave.Noblesville

One alley in particular near the main downtown square in Noblesville already has been activated and put to good use. With a million-dollar view of the square and twinkle lights cascading from wall to wall, it is no wonder that Noblesville Main Street hosts its newest event “Meals from the Market” there. “Meals from the Market’s” inaugural term this summer and early fall proved to be highly successful as the events sold out days after sales were opened. Noblesville also has brought the community together through the farmer’s market that has run weekly for over 20 years. Even the farmer’s market has become hipstoric™ by offering online ordering services and special programs like SNAP and W.I.C. for those in need of fresh produce for their families.

Noblesville is a town that is constantly growing and finding new ways to be relevant while still holding on to the traditions that made them great. Visiting this town will give anyone the opportunity to see innovation at work and be a part of a growing, bonding community. For more information on Noblesville Main Street and other projects that are underway in Noblesville, check out this website.

Hamilton County Happenings - July 27

Jul 27, 2016 by Hamilton County Tourism

Watch a performance of the Bard's greatest works, enjoy jazz outdoors and more this week in Hamilton County. Plus, your chance to win tickets to four country concerts at Klipsch Music Center. Be sure to check out our online calendar for even more Hamilton County happenings!

Nickel Plate Arts

Melting Pot: An Exhibition
Jul. 27 - 30
Nickel Plate Arts | Noblesville, Indiana

Melting Pot seeks to explore Indiana’s evolving cultural heritage through visual and sculptural media. Visit the Judge Stone House Gallery during regular business hours to see for yourself. Admission is free.



Noblesville Shakespeare in the Park
Jul. 28 - 30
Seminary Park | Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission presents the 24th production of Shakespeare in the Park. This free performance, with script adapted by David Heighway, highlights Shakespeare’s greatest works.


 Westfield Movies

Movies in the Park: Tomorrowland
Jul. 29
Asa Bales Park | Westfield, Indiana

The future is now. Grab a blanket and popcorn and watch a free screening of “Tomorrowland” under the stars. Movies begin at sunset.



Indiana Gospel Music Festival
Jul. 29
Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds | Noblesville, Indiana

The 19th Annual Indiana Gospel Music Festival features the best gospel talent from Indiana artists. Admission is free.



Marsh Symphony on the Prairie: The Temptations & The Four Tops
Jul. 29 - 31
Conner Prairie | Fishers, Indiana

Don’t miss these Motown legends on the prairie! Between the rich blend of voices and stylish dance moves, you’ll be entertained all night long with hits like “My Girl” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.”


 Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley
Jul. 30
Klipsch Music Center | Noblesville, Indiana

The country concerts at Klipsch continue with Brad Paisley and his “Life Amplified” tour, accompanied by special guest Chris Young.


 Jazz on the Monon

Jazz on the Monon
Jul. 30
Carmel Arts & Design District | Carmel, Indiana

Enjoy an evening of the best jazz music, food and art in the District on a summer night. This event is free and open to the public.



World’s Largest Golf Outing™
Aug. 1
Purgatory Golf Club | Noblesville, Indiana

Purgatory hopes to grow this event into the single largest charitable golf event benefitting veterans. This year’s charitable recipient is Fisher House Foundation.


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Tenderloin Tuesday: Dining at Sahm's

Jul 26, 2016 by Caroline Mosey

It’s summer, and we’ve entered the beautiful window of time when restaurants give you great deals on tenderloins.

TenderloinI like to put tenderloin sandwiches in the same category as Chicago deep dish pizza. You think you can handle a lot of it, but you can’t. Pretty much every time I indulge in the Hoosier delicacy, I try to order my own. It’s always a mistake, because they are SO. VERY. ENORMOUS. It’s important to recognize this, and go halfsies with someone on the sandwich. Unless you’re a huge linebacker. Or some kind of bottomless-pit Hoosier boss.

I met my husband at Sahm’s for lunch one day to do our delicious Indiana duty. I did the thing where I figured we needed to order two tenderloins, and he talked me out of it. So I ordered nachos for an appetizer in an act of defiance. And regretted it, of course. Sahm's

Sahm’s makes a truly killer breaded tenderloin. (Most restaurants also offer a grilled version, but I can’t understand this. If you’re gonna do it, then go the distance.) They pound it super thin and bread it to crispy perfection, then throw it on a seemingly tiny bun and add lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. I like to slice the tenderloin in half and stack them on the bun, and I deviate a little and add yellow mustand to the package.

I love these sandwiches. They are yet another delightful thing I’ve embraced since becoming a Hoosier. If you love them too, there are fantastic deals all over Hamilton County. Take advantage of Tenderloin Tuesdays while you can! Don't forget to share your dining adventures by using #TenderloinTuesday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enter to win prizes!


Tenderloin Tuesday



Tenderloin Tuesday: A Lesson Learned at Erika’s Place

Jul 21, 2016 by Andrea Davis

When you live just a mile from a bar that makes one of Indiana’s 10 best tenderloin sandwiches, it’s hard to make the case for experimentation. So even though I’ve meant to explore more of Hamilton County’s Tenderloin Trail, my taste buds always steer me to the same spot.

TenderloinThat is, until an assignment from Hamilton County Tourism sent me to Erika’s Place in Westfield. If I’ve been missing out on tenderloin this good, I need to expand my horizons! (If only that didn’t mean I’ll also need to expand my pants.)

Located in the heart of downtown Westfield, Erika’s serves breakfast and lunch in a friendly, no-frills atmosphere. I stopped just before noon on a Friday while in between meetings and got a seat right away, but there was a short wait when I left about 45 minutes later.

Everything on the menu looked good, but I knew what I wanted: the homemade, hand-breaded tenderloin ($5.99) marked with a star to signify its status as one of Erika’s signature items. I added a side of “frips,” thick, house-made potato chips, for 99 cents.

I had second thoughts about the chips when the server delivered my platter of pork—a thick expanse of golden brown delight spread across both halves of its sesame seed bun. Clearly a doggy bag was in my future.

After a brief strategy session, I employed the “divide and conquer” technique to attack my prey, cutting the tenderloin down the middle and stacking the two halves on top of each other. The mayonnaise I put on the bun probably counteracted the lettuce and onion, but at least the plant kingdom was represented in a small way. 

TenderloinThe rest of my meal is a hazy blur of happy memories: the tasty, crunchy breading surrounding succulent pork, the soft bun providing a nice contrast in texture, the occasional vinegary kick from a swipe of mustard.

Before long, I had a mostly empty plate and a twinge of regret that I hadn’t given the frips their due. Oh, I’d nibbled a few when they first arrived, still warm from the fryer, but after a few bites of my sandwich I knew I needed to make a choice.

The leftovers made it to my car, but not all the way home. Turns out frips make a nice post-meeting snack—and they’re easy to eat while driving. I’ll keep that in mind next time I leave my comfort zone for a trip down the Tenderloin Trail.

Erika’s Place has two Hamilton County locations: 102 S. Union St. in Westfield and 40 W. Jackson St. in Cicero.  They are among the 20 restaurants offering special deals through July 26 as Hamilton County, IN, celebrates Tenderloin Tuesdays along its Tenderloin Trail. Follow #TenderloinTuesday to see all the tasty tenderloins. Plus, tag your own pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #TenderloinTuesday for your chance to win tasty gift cards!

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Hamilton County Happenings - July 20

Jul 20, 2016 by Hamilton County Tourism

This week, celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial in musical format, eat fried food at the fair and more. Be sure to check out our online calendar for even more Hamilton County happenings!


Hamilton County 4-H Fair
July 21 - 26
4-H Fairgrounds | Noblesville, Indiana
Fair season is back. Expect animals, food, exhibits by 4-H members and fun for the entire family. Admission and parking are free.


 Grand Run

Festivities at Grand Park
July 21 - 23
Grand Park | Westfield, Indiana

In celebration of the new events center, enjoy an indoor festival with bounce houses, carnival games, movies and food. Come back Saturday to participate in the Grand Run 5K.



Dave Matthews Band
July 22 - 23
Klipsch Music Center | Noblesville, Indiana

Enhance your concert experience at the Supper Club, where local chefs prepare seasonal dishes. Tickets include VIP parking.


Marsh Symphony on the Prairie: Music of Billy Joel and Elton John
July 22 - 23
Conner Prairie | Fishers, Indiana

Handpicked by Billy Joel, Grammy and Tony award nominee Michael Cavanaugh has been dubbed the New Voice of the American Rock & Roll Songbook. The charismatic piano vocalist brings his talents to the prairie.



2016 Songbook Academy Finals
July 23
The Palladium | Carmel, Indiana

High School vocalists from around the country auditioned to attend the weeklong Songbook Academy™, where they learn from world-class mentors and founder of the Great American Songbook Foundation, Michael Feinstein. Listen to these students compete to be Songbook Youth Ambassador.


 Indiana the Musical

“Indiana - the Musical”
July 24
The Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens | Fishers, Indiana

Performed by Nickel Plate Players, this bicentennial musical is the product of ten local writers who sifted through 200 years of significant historical events and weaved them into a performance like none other.


Tenderloin Tuesday

Tenderloin Tuesday
July 26
Various participating Hamilton County restaurants

Celebrate the tenderloin this summer by going to a participating restaurant on Tuesdays to take advantage of their specials for this Hoosier food! Don't miss Tenderloin Tuesdays running July 26. Visit for specials from participating Tenderloin Trail locations.



Gwen Stefani

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Beer 101 with Mathew Muncy of Indiana on Tap

Jul 19, 2016 by Luis Ruvalcaba

People assume I know a lot about beer because I drink a lot. Not true. The truth is, I know very little. I know that I like beer and some beers taste better than others. That's about as full as my glass gets. If you’re looking for real beer knowledge, look no further. I recently got hooked up with an actual beer expert, Mathew Muncy from Indiana on Tap and asked the hard-hitting questions I came up with after a enjoying a pint or two. Here's what I learned:

Mathew MuncyTell me about yourself and your credentials. Why beer?

I am the managing editor for, the largest Indiana craft beer website. I went to school for journalism, hoping to one day be a sports writer. Sports never worked out—got tired of writing about local Indiana teams constantly losing—so I looked elsewhere and stumbled upon Indiana on Tap. I was never a fan of Bud Light, Coors Light, etc., so when I discovered Sun King after college I became hooked on craft beer. My love of craft beer grew from there, and there’s not too many negative stories to write about in the beer industry.

Yes, beer is always also good to me, unlike sports. The next question is probably obvious - what's your favorite HC local brew, why and where can I get it?

There are some great breweries located in Hamilton County. I’ve had my fair share of beer from all 12, and they all brew good beer. However, Deviate Brewing is hands down my favorite brewery in Hamilton County. They don’t just brew good beer; they brew great beer. Every time I go to Deviate, I know they will have a new beer I haven’t tried, and I know it will be a winner. I think the biggest factor is they don’t rest on “house” beers, but instead brew many “experimental” beers that all seem to work perfectly. As far as I know, you can only get their beer at their brewery.

That’s one brewery I will have to try! Lately there has been a big surge in local micro brewing. How have you felt this influenced HC?

Danny BoyThe beer industry growth in the market has been interesting to watch. It seems like every six months a new brewery is opening somewhere in the county, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s hard for me to say the beer industry has influenced Hamilton County, and I think it may be the other way around. As more businesses move into Hamilton County, it means more people from the surrounding counties are finding their way there as well. Grabbing drinks after work is pretty common, and people want to go someplace near their office. As long as more businesses continue moving into Hamilton County, then we can expect more breweries to continue opening in the county as well.

Lastly, how would you describe Hamilton County beer profile or style? Does it have one?

I wouldn’t say there are distinct profiles, for the most part. Certain breweries, especially the ones in Northern Indiana, are brewing unconventional beers and making a name for themselves for it. However, that doesn’t seem to be as common in Central Indiana. The two biggest names in Hamilton County, I would argue, are Sun King and Upland; two breweries that are secondary, having started outside of Hamilton County. Most of true Hamilton County breweries are still young, so I think it may be a while before we see a trend in specific flavors or styles coming from those breweries.

Well much like my four kids, I can’t wait to watch them all grow up! Thanks for your time, Mathew!

SKBHopefully you’ve enjoyed Mathew’s insights about beer in Hamilton County. Head to one of the below breweries to enjoy and don't forget to share on Instagram and Twitter with us at @VisitHamiltonCo by tagging #VisitHC! Cheers!

Barley Island Brewing Company - Noblesville
Danny Boy Beer Works - Carmel
Deer Creek Brewery - Noblesville
Deviate Brewing - Indianapolis
Grand Junction Brewing Co. - Westfield
Heady Hollow Brewing Company - Fishers
Sun King Tap Room and Small Batch Brewery
- Fishers
Union Brewing Company - Carmel
Upland Brewing Co. - Carmel

The Terrific Tenderloin of Courtney's Kitchen

Jul 14, 2016 by Luis Ruvalcaba

Courtney's KitchenOnce upon a time, tenderloin meant special occasion, spending money and select cuts of beef. I used to think tenderloin meant beef and only beef. Filet mignons, as many people refer to them, were too fancy for me. Tenderloins were pretentious. I didn't eat them. That was before this little piggy moved to Indiana.

Here in Indiana, pigs are plentiful. I imagine sometime long ago, a Hoosier looked out amongst his hogs and fields of corn and had his "aha" moment. And in this moment, the course of Indiana’s culinary history was changed forever.

After bacon, there is no cut of pork more delicious and succulent than the tenderloin. I’d wager there is no better way to serve it than pounded flat, seasoned to perfection, breaded in corn flour and fried to a crispy golden deliciousness. Topped with tomatoes, lettuce and onions and served on a hearty roll, this Indiana staple is the best thing since sliced bread. Tenderloin

If you're hankering for something tasty I recommend you hit up one of my favorite stops on the Tenderloin Trail here in Hamilton County. Courtney’s Kitchen, located in the heart of Noblesville, serves up one of the best.  Their motto is simple sustenance, and with the tenderloin, they deliver. It’s seasoned perfectly and not too heavy for a fried sandwich. The toppings CK serves up really offset the rich flavor of the meat and make this sandwich something you can sink your teeth into any time of year. Since it is pounded flat until its diameter measures roughly 9-10 inches, my method of tackling this tenderloin is the “divide and conquer.” That means I cut the meat in half and double stack it so it becomes manageable. 

Luis daughterCourtney's Kitchen also serves a mini-version of the classic on their kids menu, which is just a carefully crafted and tasty. Thus, Courtney’s Kitchen is one of the best places to introduce your kiddos to their first tenderloin. Sit on the patio with the family and watch the cars drive by Hipstoric downtown Noblesville. My suggestion is to split a sandwich and save some room for their amazing pies. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Don't forget to share your tasty tenderloin photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tagging @VisitHamiltonCo along with #HCEats and #VisitHC. Happy dining!



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Summer is Still in Full Swing: Summer Bucket List V.3

Jul 14, 2016 by Katie Utken

We’ve come to the third and final installment of our Hamilton County, Indiana summer bucket list. But fret not – there is still plenty of time to enjoy the summer season before school is back in session. From festivals to outdoor recreation and more, we’ve got your guide for the last hurrahs of summer.

 Arts and Design

Get revved up at Artomobilia
Automotive lovers, start your engines for Artomobilia in the Carmel Arts & Design District on Saturday, August 27! View more than 400 collector cars from around the world with 15,000 car connoisseurs. Artomobilia combines an appreciation for art and design with the automobile.


Celebrate Greekfest
You don’t have to be Greek to join in on this festive celebration of Hellenic heritage. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church hosts the annual Greekfest August 26 – 28, and admission is free. Enjoy authentic food, like spanakopita and baklava, along with live music and dancing. Shop the marketplace, or learn more about Greek culture through cooking demonstrations and church tours. Kids will love the face painting, bracelet making and puppet shows. Bring the whole family!


Bike, Walk or Roll
See Hamilton County from a different perspective by biking, walking or rolling on the Monon Trail. This paved pathway provides access to a number of restaurants and attractions in the county, like the Monon Center, the Center for the Performing Arts, Carmel Farmers Market, Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream, SoHo Café and Gallery and more. Don’t have a set of wheels? Take a spin on a bike from the Zagster bike share to explore over 300 miles of trails.


 Lazy River

Cool off and splash around
It isn’t summer until you’ve spent the day poolside. Luckily, we have two great spots to do just that. At the Waterpark at the Monon Center, test out your surfboarding (and balance!) skills on the Flowrider, or summit the AquaClimb wall. Just want to float? Go at a slower speed on the lazy river. In Noblesville, splash around the Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park. Kids will have a blast on the inflatables or building sand castles on the beach!

For even more ideas to plan your summer trip, watch Part 1 and Part 2 of our summer bucket list.  Don’t forget to share your adventures on social media by tagging @VisitHamiltonCo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and using #VisitHC. Happy summer!

Hamilton County Happenings - July 13

Jul 13, 2016 by Hamilton County Tourism

This week, sip wine in the Carmel Arts & Design District, admire local work at the Fishers Art Crawl and more! Be sure to check out our online calendar for even more Hamilton County happenings!

 Monon Mixer

Monon Mixer
July 14
Carmel, Indiana

Join us for an exclusive, after-hours event at the Waterpark! Adults over 21 can enjoy the kids-free Waterpark while relaxing to live music, sipping wine in the cabanas, joining in a friendly pool volleyball game, floating along the lazy river, testing your balance on the FlowRider and more! Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. 

Movies in the Park

Movies in the Park: Hitch
July 15
Westfield, Indiana

Come out this summer with your family and friends to enjoy a free, relaxing evening under the stars to watch a good movie with good company! Movies will begin right after sunset, so start times will vary.


 Arts Crawl

Fishers Arts Crawl
July 15
Fishers, Indiana

Fishers Arts Council and the Nickel Plate Business Council are teaming up again to host the second Arts Crawl. Residents are encouraged to spend the evening in the Nickel Plate District enjoying local and regional talent before the AMP After Dark presented by Century 21 Scheetz features local artist, Jennie DeVoe. The self-guided art tour begins at 6 p.m. and includes stops at roughly 25 businesses throughout the Nickel Plate District.



Marsh Symphony on the Prairie: Movie Music of John Williams
July 15 - 16
Conner Prairie - Fishers, Indiana

The ISO performs the unforgettable hit movie music of John Williams, which include some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history—“Jaws,” “Star Wars,” “Superman,” “Indiana Jones” series, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Jurassic Park.”


 Art of Wine

Art of Wine
July 16
Carmel, Indiana

Enjoy a summer evening experiencing vintages al fresco at Art of Wine, a can't-miss event in the Carmel Arts & Design District. This event features local and international wines, wine-related art, entertainment and special activities. The event is free to attend and adults over 21 are invited to enjoy unlimited wine tastings from participating wineries.


Rock Hall Three for All: Heart, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Cheap Trick
July 17
Klipsch Music Center - Noblesville, IN

Three of rock music's most iconic bands will hit the road together this summer on The Rock Hall Three For All Featuring Heart, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Cheap Trick. They take the stage at Klipsch Music Center this weekend!


Tenderloin Tuesday
July 19 - 26
Various participating Hamilton County restaurants

Celebrate the tenderloin this summer by going to a participating restaurant on Tuesdays to take advantage of their specials for this Hoosier food! Don't miss Tenderloin Tuesdays running July 19 and 26. View the website for specials from participating Tenderloin Trail locations.

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Hall and Oates


 MusicFarmers Markets

Make a Splash at the Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park

Jul 12, 2016 by Mia Anderson

Need a way to cool down and relax this summer? Morse Park and Beach is just the place for you! You don’t have to travel to the coast to get the beach experience - it’s right outside your door. Morse Park and Beach in Noblesville boasts more than 23 acres of land, several parks and the Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park.Morse

The Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park is a unique water feature in Hamilton County that offers inflatables on the water, a swimming area on the Morse Reservoir and a small beach overlooking the reservoir. Kids splash, swim and laugh as they climb and jump on the inflatable structures floating on the water. There are three inflatables, which could remind any kid of the show "Wipeout": a climbing gym in the shape of a tall triangle with grips for children to hold onto as they try to reach the top; a giant slide that makes a huge splash; and a “dog bone” inflatable with two trampolines that is the ultimate test of balance.  The grins from ear-to-ear show just how much kids enjoy the Aqua Adventure Park.

Safety is of the upmost importance to Morse Beach. Children are given life vests to wear, because they prove to be safer than inflatable safety gear in preventing concussions and other hazards. At midday, all swimmers are instructed to vacate the water so they can drink water to be adequately hydrated and reapply sunscreen. The staff at Morse Beach even offers complimentary sunscreen to all visitors!

Morse ParkIf you and your family are interested in visiting Morse Beach and the Aqua Adventure Park, there are a few things to keep in mind. All-day admission to the beach is $4 per person (children two and under may enter for free). If children wish to take part in the Aqua Adventure inflatables, that requires an additional fee of $4 per person for an hour’s worth of play time (time slots are: 11:15 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:45 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.). The parks and grounds, with a sand volleyball court and an impressive 18-hole disc golf course, are free to roam around and include many shaded areas and shelters that are perfect for a family picnic! There is a concession stand on site that sells drinks and snacks, but families are encouraged to bring their own picnics to make a day of it.

The Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park is open daily now through August 1 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on the weekend only from August 6 through Labor Day weekend. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to spend a day exploring Morse Beach Aqua Adventure Park by swimming, playing in the sand, eating a picnic lunch and exploring all that the park has to offer!

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