Tenderloin Trail in Hamilton County

Chow down along Hamilton County's tastiest trail, the Tenderloin Trail. What's your style? Breaded? Grilled? You are sure to find your favorite Hoosier specialty along our tasty trail of more than 50 restaurants.

How Do You Eat A Tenderloin Infographic

While there's no wrong way to tackle the tenderloin, there are certainly a few tried-and- true methods. Take note:

Edge It

Grab a fork and a knife and eat the overhanging edges of the tenderloin first. Once it becomes a manageable size within the bun, pick it up and proceed.

Stack It

Remove the bun and cut the tenderloin in half. Stack the halves back inside the bun and enjoy a double-thick, twice-as- nice sandwich.

Halve It

Leave the overhanging edges as they are, but make it easier to handle by slicing the whole sandwich right in half. Easy yet effective!

Just Do It

Throw caution to the wind and attack that bad boy JUST the way it is.

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