Outdoor Concerts at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana


Ruoff Music Center

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Ruoff Music Center

Experts and fans agree, Ruoff Music Center, formerly Klipsch Music Center, in Noblesville, Indiana rocks. In 2018, the venue sold more concert tickets than any other amphitheater in the world, according to Pollstar.

The Noblesville concert venue is the largest amphitheater in the Midwest and sees hundreds of thousands of music lovers each season. Where else can you join up to 24,000 people to hear the biggest names in pop, country, rock and hip-hop to a backdrop of a stunning Indiana sunset?

In 2021, the concert season kicks-off in July and runs through early fall. Start planning and book your hotel or campsite nearby Ruoff Music Center as soon as concerts are announced.



What to Bring

Your favorite artist makes a pitstop at Ruoff Music Center for their sold-out tour. Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran, take a peek at our checklist to make sure your bag is packed properly for a night of music under the stars.


  • Capacity - the 2021 season will operate at full capacity
  • Ticket – whether you bring it physically or digitally, don’t leave it at home!
  • Money – the entire venue is cashless. Machines are available to cash in for pre-paid cards.
  • ID –if you’re over 21 and plan to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen – protect your skin and your eyes from the hot summer sun!
  • Boots and a cowboy hat – Ruoff Music Center hosts a number of country concerts each summer, so dress for the occasion!
  • Parking plan - get your parking pass ahead of time, plan to pay for parking on-site or take a ride-share to the show.
  • Rain gear – the show must go on, rain or shine! If precipitation is in the forecast, plan your outfit accordingly. The lawn can get damp and muddy, so we recommend rain boots and a rain jacket.
  • Patience – Thousands of other fans are excited to see the performer, too. Traffic getting in and out might take some time, but remain patient and follow directions from Ruoff Music Center officials and law enforcement assisting with traffic.
  • But what about a lawn chair or a camera? For these items and more, rules may vary by individual show and performer. Always check with Ruoff Music Center before lugging these items to the front gate.





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