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Communications Manager


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Upcycled banner bags now available for purchase from Hamilton County non-profits


CARMEL, Ind. – Community members can now purchase upcycled bags created from used banners donated by Hamilton County community agencies. This program is managed by Hamilton County Tourism (HCT) in partnership with Indianapolis-based non-profit People for Urban Progress (PUP).


Since September 2022, HCT has collected hundreds of vinyl and mesh banners for this upcycling program. PUP cleans and transforms the banners into a variety of functional goods, including bags and keychains. The mission of PUP is to advance good design and civic sustainability by developing products and projects in connectivity.


HCT finances this program as part of a larger organizational effort to promote sustainability. In the first phase of the program, HCT donated the upcycled goods to non-profit organizations, as well as used them for gifts. Now, HCT donates collections of the used banner bags to local non-profits so they can sell them to raise funds to support their work. 


The bags are available for purchase from Fishers Parks, Hamilton County Parks, Nickel Plate Arts, Nickel Plate Express and Noble Made.


“This is such a wonderful way to not just repurpose and recycle material, but also to honor and celebrate the events, programs and projects that have defined our community’s culture,” said Nickel Plate Arts Executive Director Aili McGill. “The proceeds that these sales will generate will support our entire creative economy and we’re grateful that Hamilton County Tourism spearheaded this project.”


Organizations that have donated banners include Carmel Marathon, Clay Terrace, Beck’s Hybrids, Fishers Parks, Hamilton County Parks, Indianapolis Symphony, Lou Malnati’s, Noblesville Educational Services, Reynolds, Root 31 and Renaissance Hotels, among others.


“It’s incredible to see our partners’ excitement for this initiative,” said Hamilton County Tourism President/CEO Brenda Myers. “We look forward to taking this upcycling program to its next stage, allowing people to purchase these beautiful, unique bags from local non-profits.”


Banners will continue to be collected on an ongoing basis. Organizations in Hamilton County that would like to provide a used vinyl or mesh banner can contact Assistant Director for Community Engagement Sarah Buckner at




About Hamilton County Tourism: Hamilton County Tourism Inc. is a nonprofit, destination management organization that promotes tourism growth through strategic marketing, hospitality and development initiatives providing hospitality to more than four million visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana, each year.