BEST Investment Fund

Business of Entertainment, Sport and Tourism

Application for BEST Grant

To apply, all steps must be completed, and the application package (Eligibility Form, Application Form, Additional Documentation) must be submitted in its entirety before it can be considered for funding.

Step 1.

Indicate your interest in BEST by completing the following online forms.

  • BEST ELIGIBILITY FORM—Complete this online form which requires an answer of “yes” to all eligibility statements. This quick form will tell you if your project is eligible according to state statute, county ordinance, and Tourism Commission principles. If you feel that your project is not eligible, you may choose not to apply, or you may contact HCT staff for clarification, or you may continue with the application process and ask for an appeal.  Forms must be completed online in one sitting without closing your browser. If you need to plan your answers before starting the form, here is a PDF download.
  • BEST APPLICATION FORM— Submit your answers on this form. This form is lengthy and requires detailed information. If you need to plan your answers before starting the form, here is a PDF download. You must complete the application in one sitting without closing your browser or else your information will be lost and you’ll need to start over. Complete all sections using complete sentences, legible typeface, and complete thought. No handwritten applications or copies will be considered. If you cannot answer a question, use N.A. or Unknown and state why.

Step 2.

After submitting the online Eligibility and Application Forms, you will be asked to: 

  • ATTEND AN ASSESSMENT MEETING WITH HAMILTON COUNTY TOURISM STAFF—Request an in-person meeting with members of the Hamilton County Tourism (HCT) staff to review details of your application and project.
  • SUBMIT FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION—This can include the project budget and timeline, a business plan and financial information, ownership and key management information, organization IRS tax designation letter, current W9.
  • INCLUDE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION IF REQUESTED—Additional information, research, or independent consultant review may be required to advance to Step 3 and will be discussed with HCT staff during the application meeting.

Step 3.

If project is ready for full consideration of the review committee, you may be asked to:

  • MAKE A PRESENTATION—This requires a short, in-person presentation to the BEST Review Committee and/or Hamilton County Tourism Commission.
  • LEARN DETERMINATION—Successful determination by the BEST Review Committee is required to advance the application to the Hamilton County Tourism Commission. Note, a project may make it through the presentation phase but not be awarded a grant, but the project could be considered viable enough for further consideration the following year, at which time HCT staff would continue to work with the organization.

Proposed projects must have Steps 1 and 2 completed by June 14, 2024 to be eligible for 2025 funding. This leaves only one meeting of the BEST Review Committee in July before grant recommendations are determined.  It is recommended that you start the process as early as possible in the event the BEST Review Committee defers the application for more information. The BEST Review Committee will review final applications in July 2024 to determine if projects advance to the Hamilton County Tourism Commission. Awards will be granted by the Hamilton County Tourism Commission no later than August 2024 and reviewed for acceptance by the Hamilton County Council in September 2024. For additional information, contact Karen Radcliff.

Karen Radcliff Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer

Karen Radcliff