"Mmm...donuts." Homer Simpson’s infamous ode to the sweet breakfast treats speaks the simple truth: Few things in life are as gratifying as fried dough coated in sugar.

There are so many decisions to make: cake or yeast? Glazed or dusted in powdered sugar? Jelly-filled? Sprinkles? The list goes on.

We’ve compiled a list of locally-owned donut shops here in Hamilton County, Indiana. Start your day off right and visit one of these dessert-for-breakfast spots.

Bober Tea & Mochi Dough

What is Mochi Dough? Uniquely bouncy. Completely Amazing. Our Japanese-inspired donuts use rice flour instead of traditional yeast to create a uniquely airy and chewy inside with a perfectly crisp outside. Made fresh throughout each day with multiple flavor options, our donuts' famous "pon de ring" shape allows you to enjoy each bite, one pull at a time.

"I'm a sucker for these doughnuts.  There's something amazing about the way they feel when you bite into them.  There's a chewy resistance that is so appealing and keeps me craving them again and again!" – Yelper Bryndon P.

Jack’s Donuts

For three generations, Jack's Donuts has been making donuts that have kept customers lining up at the door, like Tiger Tails, Carmel Nut Rolls and Applesauce Donuts. Jack and Ada Marcum opened the first Jack's Donuts in 1961 in New Castle, Indiana. All six of their children worked at the shop at some point in their lives. Jack’s Donuts franchised in 2013 and now has locations in Carmel, Fishers and Westfield.

“These are the hands-down greatest cake donuts you will eat in Carmel, if not the world. Cake donuts are where it's at, and Jack's understands this. Fall is by far the greatest time of the year when Jack's rolls out their pumpkin donuts. These things are just remarkable.” – Yelper Justin A.

Mochi Joy

Mochi Joy is Indiana's 1st mochi donut shop. Hawaiian-style Mochi donuts. Mochi Donuts include rice flour which makes them uniquely chewy with a pillowy soft inside and a perfectly crisp outside. Carryout & Online ordering for Delivery. Small batches of six different flavors, rotated on a daily basis, made fresh, and available until sold out. Operating out of a licensed commercial kitchen inside the VFW in Noblesville.


The Haugh family opened Ohanalulu, formerly Ohana Donuts & Ice Cream, in February 2020. Inspired by their travels to Hawaii, the owners picked the name “Ohana” which means “family” or “community” in Hawaiian. Customize your light and fluffy vanilla cake donut with icing and toppings to make it your own. Don’t forget the ice cream, including Dole Whips and Donut Sundaes. Want something more savory? Ohanalulu makes donut breakfast sandwiches, too.

“What a gem! The theme, the concept....THE DELICIOUSNESS! Try the caramel iced donut with sea salt. Best donut I've ever had!” – Yelper Lisa N.

Quack Daddy Donuts

Quack Daddy’s vanilla cake donuts are made fresh each day, ready for you to turn them into the perfect donuts. Customize yours and select one of the homemade icings and the topping of your choice. Pair your donut with locally-sourced coffee on tap from Indie Coffee Roasters or fresh milk from Dandy Breeze Creamery.

“Oh my goodness. This new addition will forever be our weekend must-have…All were insanely delicious! The donuts are warm which makes the icing melts perfectly to them.” – Yelper Diane B.

Rebellion Doughnuts

Rebellion started when friends John and Dave decided to branch out from their criminal defense law careers after more than twenty years. The doughnuts are handmade every morning at the Noblesville shop. Find unique flavors like Key Lime Pie, Cherry Bomb and Raspberry Beret.

“Amazing donuts! So unique and fresh - they only have a limited number selections each day, you have to return to see some of their other selections. They are ALL amazing, we haven't had one we don't like!” – Yelper Theodore H.

Rise‘n Roll Bakery & Deli

Located in the Fishers District, Rise'n Roll Bakery & Deli is an Amish-style bakery specializing in preservative-free products such as donuts, cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls, breads, cheeses, and more. Rise’n Roll’s history began in 2001 in Shipshewana, Indiana, when a young Amish couple began baking recipes handed down in the woman’s family for generations. The original bakery did not use any electricity, refrigeration, or modern technology. All of the mixing, sheeting, and prepping was done entirely by hand.

“The star of the show is their original Cinnamon Caramel Donut. Generally when it comes to donuts, I'm not a fan of cinnamon or caramel. I'M A FAN OF THIS DONUT! It seems to just melt in your mouth and even though they're huge, it feels like it would be all too easy to eat 3-4 of them.” – Yelper Matt B.

Taylor’s Bakery

Taylor’s Bakery is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated bakery specializing in donuts, baked goods and scratch recipe cakes. In fact, 2020 marked its 108th year in business! The donut selection includes classic cake and yeast varieties, including Persians and Bavarian-filled bismarks.

“Of course every time we stop in there we always leave with more than what we went in for. The little sinful donuts caught our attention. They are made with the same batter as their donut holes and stuffed with a cinnamon sugar glaze. They definitely lived up to their name.” – Yelper Courtney K.

Titus Bakery & Deli

Titus Bakery is a third-generation, family-owned business that has earned a reputation for providing some of the finest donuts and pastries in Indiana. Both the Westfield and Atlanta locations sell breakfast and lunch sandwiches, too. As for donuts, you can’t go wrong with the #1 seller, the Pershing, with maple icing and cinnamon inside.

“I decided to get a Pershing - which is one of the best donuts  I have ever had. I also asked what the cashier's opinion was on the Maple Bacon and she absolutely recommended it. It was amazing! They use Boar's Head bacon and you get two thick slices of bacon on a perfect donut - what more could anyone want?” – Yelper Ethan Z.

White House Donut Shop

Located in an unassuming strip mall, you might miss White House Donut Shop and drive right by it. This local business has been serving fresh, handmade (from dough to glaze) donuts in Westfield since 1988. Donut fans can’t get enough of the Old Fashions and Long Johns. Get there early, because when they’re out, they’re out! Don’t forget cash, too – this is a cash-only establishment.

“If you get there right as he opens at 5 am you will have the freshest, warmest, fluffiest doughnuts ever! His Old Fashions are worth every little sugary calorie.” – Yelper Nani R.


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