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    Cherry Tree Park is a neighborhood park north of 131st Street on Hazel Dell Parkway. With 13 acres of turf and large mature trees, this park is a wonderful space to take the dogs for a walk or just have a quiet moment alone. The open green space in the park is perfect for throwing a Frisbee or flying a kite.

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    Accessible Amenities
    • Nearby Food & Shopping:
    • Qualified Sign Language Interpreter:
    • Reserved Parking:
    • Ramps:
    • Handrails:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible doorways:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible walkways/hallways:
    • Automated/Easy-access door openers:
    • Wide aisles/uncluttered walkways:
    • Easy to identify mobility notices on website:
    • Well-lit hallways, walkways, stairs, stairwells:
    Language Barriers
    • Website translation options:
    • Student or senior pricing:
    • Memberships offered at a sliding scale:
    Sensory Friendly
    • Warnings for light flashes:

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