Nickel Plate Express

  • Address: 107 W. S. St., Atlanta, IN 46030
Nickel Plate Express offers themed train excursions from Atlanta to Arcadia! Nickel Plate Express offers moving entertainment and educational experiences for all generations.
September 23, 2018
Meet the train and participate in a scavenger hunt to get acquainted with the railroad!
October 6, 2018
Embark on a ghoulishly delightful evening on the tracks, with local lore and special programming suitable for older...
October 6, 2018
Hop aboard the Nickel Plate Express and journey to the pumpkin patch, where a magical fall experience awaits!
November 24, 2018
Celebrate the holidays with Santa and the rest of his team through this one-of-a-kind trip to Santa’s Workshop at the...
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