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    Nickel Plate Express offers themed train excursions between Noblesville and Atlanta, Indiana. Enjoy Fall Foliage Express in the fall, or celebrate the holidays aboard the Reindeer Ride! BBQ Express in November offer a unique way to dine on a local, farm to table meal on the train. Trains board from Forest Park in Noblesville. A non-profit, Nickel Plate Express provides moving entertainment for all ages. New, experience Railbikes, they offer the perfect activity for guests of all ages and allow passengers the opportunity to see the rail line from an entire new perspective.

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  • Events

    Forest Park Rail Adventure

    Dates: 05/24 - 10/24/2024

    White River Family Cruise

    Dates: 06/13 - 10/24/2024

    Ice Cream Express

    Dates: 06/07 - 06/28/2024

    Twilight Rail Ride

    Dates: 10/03 - 10/17/2024

    Oktoberfest Dinner Express

    Dates: 10/05 - 10/05/2024

    Brunch Express

    Dates: 10/12 - 10/13/2024

    Fall Foliage Express

    Dates: 10/12 - 10/13/2024

    Reindeer Express

    Dates: 11/16 - 12/23/2024

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