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    Enjoy a board with a glass of wine or draft craft beer. High quality, beautiful boards + graze tables, as well as top notch customer service. Order carry out or enjoy charcuterie IN STORE. You will also be able to book private events and shop retail items for all your charcuterie needs! We can provide Graze Boxes, Cheese Boards, and Graze Tables in the Carmel and surrounding areas. From an office party to an at-home celebration, we can help with your next event.

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    • Catering:
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    • Written Materials:
    • Volume Controls:
    • Easy to identify auditory notices on website:
    • Auditory online ticket access/registration process:
    • Clear auditory description:What to expect on visit:
    • Reserved Parking:
    • Ramps:
    • Handrails:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible doorways:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible walkways/hallways:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible stairs/stairwells:
    • Wide aisles/uncluttered walkways:
    • Adjustable Lighting:
    • Well-lit hallways, walkways, stairs, stairwells:
    Language Barriers
    • Translators for non-English speakers:

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