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    Features: two main fields complete with irrigation, enclosed dugouts, lights and a press box.

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    General Amenities
    • Air Conditioning:
    • Concessions:
    • Covered Dugouts:
    • Lighting:
    • Locker Room:
    • Parking:
    • Practice Space:
    • Press Box:
    • Scoreboard/Timing Systems:
    • Speakers/PA System:
    • WiFi:
    • Field Size: High School Regulation
    • Notes: The support building includes two floors of 2,500 square feet each. The ground floor includes public restrooms, concessions, grounds maintenance space, and stair and elevator access to the second floor. The second floor includes player lockers in a dressing room which accommodates all three teams, a private restroom for the teams, an itinerant office for the softball coach, pressbox facilities for the varsity and junior varsity fields, and visual observation windows for the freshman and practice fields.
    • Number of Fields: 4
    • Seating: 500 Permanent seats for the Varsity diamond

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