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    Located just off of 116th St. on the east side of Carmel, this 15-acre park offers a national park-feel. In 1994, Flowing Well opened as CCPR’s very first public park, and park-goers from far and wide have frequented ever since. Must-See Amenities: The Artesian Well: Most visitors bring their empty water jugs to fill up at the “Old Faithful” artesian well, which was discovered back in the 1800s. Nature Trail: A mile-long trail wraps itself through the woods and along the creek. Interpretive signage provides educational stops along the way to learn about the natural world around you. Cool Creek: Cool Creek winds through the park and is a great spot for fishing or taking the kids creek stomping. Spring Ephemerals: Flowing Well Park is the perfect spot for a spring wildflower walk in April and May. Virginia bluebells, yellow trout lily, bloodroot, and others welcome the warm weather with their vibrant hues. Try to spot as many spring wildflowers as you can with our Wildflower Bingo. Please visit the Parks & Rec website for more information.

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