• Overview

    This neighborhood-style park features soccer fields and baseball diamonds and is a popular spot for youth athletics through Mudsock Youth Athletics. A walk on the trail loosens limbs morning or evening and enjoy a family picnic under the shelter as your kids swing high on the playground.

  • Map

  • Amenities

    Accessible Amenities
    • Field Size: Youth with grass infields
    • Number of Fields: 2
    General Amenities
    • Parking:
    • Practice Space:
    • Field Size: Full Size
    • Number of Fields: 1
    • Qualified Sign Language Interpreter:
    • Reserved Parking:
    • Ramps:
    • Handrails:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible doorways:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible walkways/hallways:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible stairs/stairwells:
    • Automated/Easy-access door openers:
    • Wide aisles/uncluttered walkways:
    Sensory Friendly
    • Calming spaces w/sensory-friendly toys, fidgets:
    • Quiet Zones w/sensory-friendly toys, fidgets:
    • Low volume/Headphones for sound sensitive:

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