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    The Noblesville Preservation Alliance mission is to enhance the Noblesville community through both structural and human assets. The wealth of historic homes and still intact downtown square provide an inviting step back in time for visitors who make the trip to Noblesville. But this revitalization would not be possible without the residents who lovingly restore the grand old houses throughout numerous historic areas of the city. By opening their homes to the public, NPA hopes to inspire others to appreciate what restoration can to do add character, sense of place, uniqueness and interest to a community. Events include garden tours and historic home tours.

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    • Handrails:
    • Wheelchair/Walker accessible doorways:
    • Well-lit hallways, walkways, stairs, stairwells:
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    • Memberships offered at a sliding scale:
    • Accessible hours to consider all working schedules:
  • Events

    5th Annual Flea Market

    Dates: 06/01 - 06/01/2024

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