Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Hamilton County is a hub of recreational activity. Among the various sports and activities that thrive in this vibrant community, one sport has gained remarkable popularity over the years: pickleball. A delightful fusion of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, pickleball has taken Hamilton County by storm, drawing players of all ages to its courts for a fun and engaging experience. In this blog, we'll explore the best places to play pickleball, where to find equipment, and where to refuel after an exhilarating game.

Where to Play

Hamilton County boasts a range of top-notch facilities and parks where pickleball enthusiasts can enjoy the game.

Carmel Racquet Club

Carmel Racquet Club offers 6 pickleball courts available to rent during the week and weekend.  It is the perfect spot for all skill levels to continue improving their passion.  Pickleball memberships are also available to purchase.

Cyntheanne Park, Fishers

Cyntheanne Park features 8 courts, all free to the public for all skill levels.  If you would like more of a challenge, they now have additional courts for intermediate and advanced players also free to the public.

Dillon Park, Carmel

Carmel's Dillon Park is another gem in the county's pickleball scene. With its well-designed courts and welcoming environment, it's a fantastic place to refine your pickleball skills and meet fellow enthusiasts.

Finch Creek Park, Fishers

Located in Noblesville, Finch Creek Park offers dedicated pickleball courts that cater to both beginners and seasoned players. The well-maintained courts and scenic surroundings provide the perfect setting for a game with friends and family.

The Jungle, Westfield

Offering 2 indoor courts, The Jungle is a great spot to come all year round.  The Jungle has acrylic floors, lighting, permanent lines, and portable nets available.  A one-time fee is required to play, bring your group and have some fun!

Monon Community Center, Carmel

Offering 3 pickleball courts, the Monon Community Center is a great place to gather friends and family for a match.  Membership to the community center is required to rent the courts.

Roy G. Holland Park, Fishers

Featuring 5 courts, Roy G. Holland Park is the perfect setting for a match with friends or a large group.  The courts are free to the public.

West Park, Carmel

West Park features multiple pickleball courts with ample space for friendly matches and competitive play. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly community make it an excellent spot for players of all skill levels.

Wood Wind Golf Club, Westfield

Wood Wind features 2 outdoor courts.  Well designed and family-friendly, Wood Wind is a great venue for a match.  You do not have to be a member of the club, but there is a small fee if you would like to play.

Coming Soon

Pickle on Penn, Carmel’s first pickleball country club.  Featuring 8 courts, luxurious amenities, an observation deck on the mezzanine, and a full restaurant and bar called The Kitchen at Pickle on Penn will be opening late 2023.


Where to Buy Equipment

For those looking to dive into pickleball, having the right equipment is crucial. Luckily, Hamilton County offers various options for purchasing high-quality gear.

Academy Sports + Outdoors 

Gear up to take the courts at the newest sporting goods store, Academy Sports + Outdoors, in Westfield. Find the perfect pickleball equipment to match your style.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Situated in various locations across the county, Dick's Sporting Goods provides a wide selection of pickleball equipment, ranging from beginner-friendly options to advanced gear for more seasoned players.

Play It Again Sports

Located in Carmel and Fishers, Play It Again Sports is a go-to destination for new and used sports equipment, including pickleball paddles, balls, and apparel. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect gear to suit your playing style.


Where to Refuel

After an exhilarating game of pickleball, refueling at a sports-themed restaurant is the perfect way to cap off the day's activities.

Muldoon's | Carmel

Muldoon's is a sports bar that offers a variety of comfort food and drinks. With its extensive menu and numerous TV screens, it's an ideal spot to unwind and catch up on the latest sports action.

Wolfies Grill | Carmel, Fishers, Geist & Noblesville

Found in multiple locations across Hamilton County, Wolfies Grill provides a family-friendly environment with a diverse menu, making it an excellent choice for post-pickleball dining. Their sports-themed decor adds to the overall experience.

Coming Soon

Chicken N Pickle, an indoor and outdoor entertainment complex, offering a full restaurant, sports bar, and indoor/outdoor pickleball courts for games for all ages. They will be located at Fishers District, east of I-69 between 106th and 116th streets.


Pickleball has truly found a home in Hamilton County, Indiana. With its thriving facilities, reliable equipment stores, and exciting dining options, the county offers a comprehensive experience for both seasoned pickleball pros and newcomers to the sport. So, whether you're a local resident or a visitor, don't miss the chance to partake in the pickleball craze that's sweeping through this vibrant community. Grab your paddle, head to the courts, and enjoy the unique blend of competition, camaraderie and community that defines pickleball in Hamilton County.