Trail video

Summer is winding down and you might be thinking back on the time you spent this summer.  Was it more movies than memories? Was it more Quality Inn than quality time?  Don't worry.  The summer isn't over yet and Hamilton County, Indiana has a one stop shop for all the outdoor family/couple/alone quality time you could ever need: White River GreenwayWhite River

This trail begins behind the Hamilton County courthouse in downtown Noblesville.  Not the historic courthouse but the beautiful modern one just to the west.  The trail continues all along the White River up to Morse Park on Morse Reservoir.  Not too shabby way to end a hike, if you're asking me.  In between you can find not only breath taking scenery but Forest Park.  

Forest Park has virtually everything you need to make a memorable day: Tom Thumb golf course,  skate park, pool, play ground and carousel just to name a few of the options.  Not only that but there are shelters and grills available for a nice lunch out of the house. Bring your sunscreen because there is enough to do to keep you busy all day and you're going to need to reapply after a dip in the pool. Potter's Bridge

If you haven't completely worn yourself or your kids out at Forest Park, you head out to a fork in the road which gives you the option to check out Morse or Potter's Bridge.  Either is a great destination. My suggestion is to ride a bike or board down the paved trails, or better yet tube down the waterway. If you have a really great camera and it's sunset time, I recommend Potter's bridge for some family photos before closing out the evening.  The lighting is excellent at that time.  

And at the risk of really burying the lead here, did I mention that the trail is littered with Pokemon? Yup. If you are playing Pokemon GO this trail is an excellent way to avoid traffic, play safely and meet some other local trainers out and about. Take the kids and battle it out at one of several gyms along the trail. at 2.8 miles in length you can put a 5km egg in to incubate and have it nearly hatched by the time you finish your hike!

Happy trails, and don't forget to tag us in your photos using @VisitHamiltonCo and #VisitHC!