Like other major cities, there have been postponed events and meetings in Hamilton County, while temporarily closing restaurants, bars, and attractions—all to help keep residents and visitors safe and healthy.

Please support local restaurants offering takeout and curbside pick-up options or other local businesses – learn more.

We strongly recommend double-checking business websites and social feeds to confirm service hours.

Donate to Good Samaritan Network!

For local, state and national resources in helping those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

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Hamilton County Weather and Seasons

Celebrate the beautiful seasons of Hamilton County. From hot summer days to brisk winter nights, here are a few weather-related tips to make sure you pack your suitcase with the right wardrobe to enjoy your stay.


Pack with layers and you'll be ready to spring into action. Be prepared for daily temperature swings and periodic rain showers.

Temperature Range: 70° / 30°
Precipitation: 30%
Humidity: 65%


When the days get longer (sundown at 9 pm), temperatures soar during summertime. Whether you are heading out to Ruoff Music Center or exploring Strawtown Koteewi Park, pack plenty of short sleeves and shorts for summer.

Temperature Range: 90° / 60°
Precipitation: 25%
Humidity: 72%


Fall is the becoming one of the most popular times to visit Hamilton County. As the leaves change color, the temperature drops. Remembers to bring their favorite fleece or sweatshirt. This is the perfect time to walk the Monon Trail and enjoy the October festivities at Conner Prairie.

Temperature Range: 80° / 40°
Precipitation: 20%
Humidity: 75%


You'll enjoy his company if you've packed a warm coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots. It has been known to snow in Central Indiana in January but you can expect February to be the peak of the snowy season.

Temperature Range: 40° / 10°
Precipitation: 25%
Humidity: 75%