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Tourism Resources

This information is provided for industry professionals and others interested in the impact of tourism in Hamilton County, Indiana.



Tourism Works 2022 button

2023 Tourism Works



Solar Eclipse 2024

Solar Eclipse 2024



2023 Marketing, Sales VX Plan

2023 Marketing, Sales and Visitor Experience Plan


2022 Business Plan Year End Report

2022 Business Plan Year-End Report



Core Values

Core Values



Destination NEXT 2022

2022 Destination NEXT Report



Tourism Works 2022 button

2022 Tourism Works



Strategic Plan

Recovery Plan



Vision 2025

Vision 2025



Meetings and Groups

Board and Commission Minutes



Marketing Channels

Marketing Strategy


Destination Development Map

Destination Development Map



2109 Economic Impact

2019 Economic
Impact Study




Employment by the Numbers

Hospitality Employment
by the Numbers

Additional industry research

Innkeeper Info

  • Government Sales Tax Exemptions Bulletin - Indiana Department of Revenue bulletin regarding the state's sales tax exemption policy, including lodging taxes, for government sales.
  • Non-Profit Sales Exemption Bulletin - Sales Tax to Meals and Banquets regarding the state's sales tax exemption policy, including lodging and food and beverage taxes, for non-profit sales
    • Hamilton County, Indiana Hotel Reporting Numbers List
  • Human Trafficking:  Red Flags and Hospitality Toolkit
  • Become a Responsible Travel Company

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Hamilton County
Industry Clusters Map



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Hamilton County Hotel Remittance
and Management Form


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Indiana Tax Bulletin 4



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Indiana Tax Bulletin 10


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Indiana Tax Bulletin 40


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Indiana Tax Bulletin 41



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Audit Statement


Past Partner Webinars and Recordings

Events & The Environment Summit

2022 Events & The Environment Summit



Hotel Data Summit 2021

2021 Hotel Data Summit



National Tourism Week Summit 2021

2021 Tourism National Travel & Tourism Week Summit 



Destination Summit 2021

Spring 2021 - Destination Summit



Engaging with Customers

Engaging with Customers Presentation



Turner 2020 Webinar

Holiday 2020 - Media Insights and Trends



Summer Power Hour

Summer Data Power Hour 2020