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Carmel Christkindlmarkt Brings Old World Authenticity to Carmel

If you’re looking for evidence of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt’s authenticity, look no further than the little hut that houses the workshop of Christian Werner. It’s not just that Werner looks every bit the part of a German craftsman, with his colorful felt cap flopping over his shoulder, his starched white shirt buttoned to his chin and his eyes dancing impishly behind round wire-rim spectacles. And it’s not just that the wooden figures he creates by sending ribbons of wood flying from his lathe are identical to the ones Erzgebirge artisans have rendered for centuries. No, Werner’s authenticity comes from, well, his authenticity. Discovered by Christkindlmarkt CEO and Market Manager Maria Murphy when she was on a scouting trip to Germany in 2017, Werner brings his artistry to Carmel direct from his hometown of Seiffen, a tiny Saxony village famous for its wooden toys. This marks the third year that he has crated up his handmade lathe and tools and shipped them to Carmel so he can share his genuine Old World Christmas tradition with Carmel Christkindlmarkt guests…

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Chocolate Shop Brings Global Flair to Downtown Carmel

The owner of Xchocol’Art is from Austria. She learned about making high quality and high-end chocolate in Europe. She imports her chocolate from Ecuador, and she traveled to London this year to receive the “Top Truffle Artistry Award” for her mouth-watering whiskey honey morsel. And then there’s the location of Xchocol’Art in Carmel, Indiana. It’s like walking down a Parisian alley and stumbling onto a delectable treasure. Owner Joann Hofer said the space was intentionally selected – tucked away on the thoroughfare of the Carmel Arts & Design District…

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Food, Drink & a Side of History: Local Businesses in Repurposed Buildings

The walls of every business have stories to tell. Some of those stories are just loaded with more history, more chance encounters and more twists and turns than others. The stories of Hamilton County’s Schoolhouse 7 Café, for example, fall squarely in the “more history” category. Once a one-room schoolhouse, then a residence, its building now is a schoolhouse of a different kind — the kind that’s a coffee shop and drive-thru…

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